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Newborn Sensory Basket

Newborn Sensory Basket

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Our Newborn Sensory Basket is the perfect companion for your baby’s first few months. Each item in the basket has been carefully selected to stimulate all of your baby's senses and support crucial early cognitive developments.

The basket includes:

High Contrast Cloth Book (Black & White): High-contrast patterns help strengthen babies’ eyesight. This book is perfect for keeping your little ones engaged during tummy time and entertained on the go.

Hand & Foot Puppets: These high contrast gloves and socks promote body awareness and aid auditory and visual development.

Hand Rattle: This rattle is great for auditory development and for eye tracking. Initially, babies grasp rattles tightly due to their reflexes. As fine motor skills evolve, they learn to hold and shake the rattle.

Foil Blanket: This blanket helps your baby develop an understanding of cause & effect and body awareness.

Silk Scarves: Silk scarves have many uses. You can promote initial understandings of object permanence through games like peek-a-boo. Lift the scarf and toss it gently in the air. This activity not only encourages eye tracking but also fosters their natural curiosity.

Feathers: Feathers aid in tactile development, body awareness, and early learning of different body parts as you tickle your little one. It’s also good for eye tracking.

All presented in a quality woven basket which you can re-purpose as your baby grows.

This basket is more than just a collection of toys, it’s a tool for nurturing your baby’s early growth and development.

It makes the perfect gift for new parents or for your own baby, early play is such a wonderful bonding experience. 


Every toy inspires a mind. 

 Colours and styles may vary. If you have any preferences please get in touch. 

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Customer Reviews

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A Beautiful Little Gift

A beautifully presented mix of high quality sensory toys. Very happy with my gift purchase and received with much appreciation!