About Us

Hi, I am Sam, Tor’s Mummy and founder of Tor’s Story. I am so happy to introduce you to our online toy store, my labour of love. At Tor’s Story, we offer quality, colourful, and inspiring toys that spark creativity and joy in your little ones. 

Where it started:

Tor’s Story was born from my love of wooden toys which grew from seeing not only the joy they brought to my son, Tor, but also how useful they were to his development. I soon realised affordability was often a barrier, so sought more accessible options. My initial purchases for Tor included toys that would become our core range and some extra for gifts. Little did I know these gifts would mark the beginning of an exciting new venture.

Our Mission:

At Tor’s Story, our mission is simple: spark imagination and bring joy through open-ended play. We carefully curate a beautiful collection of toys whilst staying true to our ethos of quality and affordability. 

Our thoughtfully designed toys inspire curiosity, encourage exploration, and nurture creativity in children. Through open-ended and independent play, we aim to support vital developmental skills during those crucial formative years.

As you explore Tor’s Story, I invite you to discover the magic within each toy. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or a friend seeking the perfect gift, we hope our products bring joy to your little ones. Tor, my own inspiration, adores these toys, and I’m confident your children will too. Every playtime has a story and we would love you to be part of Tor’s Story.


Founder, Tor’s Story

22 Church Road

West Mersea