Who we are - Tor's Story

Who we are

Tor: Toddler, Destroyer of Carefully Curated Playrooms

Tor, born September 2022 is the inspiration behind Tor’s Story. Tor loves music, dancing and playing with his toys. His favourite toys are his Rainbow, instruments and cars. He likes ‘cheeeeese’, ‘nanas’ and is very partial to a bottle of the white stuff. Tor has a doggy called Bear, and they are the very best of friends. 

Interesting fact: Tor’s Mummy & Daddy met at Glastonbury, and he is named after the Glastonbury Tor, which inspired our logo. He has attended the festival every year since he was in Mummy’s tummy. 

Sam: Tor’s Mummy, Wooden Toy Addict & Founder 

I put my heart and soul into finding the best quality, most beautiful toys I can, at the very best price which I will always pass onto you. I love talking to my lovely customers and building a community. I’m at my happiest on Fridays aka ‘Mummy & Tor Day’ and weekends when we are together with Tor’s Daddy & Bear.

Adrian: Tor’s Daddy, Technical Support & Post Man

Sam possesses the vision, and I bring it to life through our website. Observing Sam’s burgeoning excitement as the business expands brings me immense joy, despite the postal runs increasingly resembling a full-time occupation! Our family holidays in the campervan are when I feel truly content

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